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Help and Information

Links for help:

Hillsborough County Community Resources
Call 211 & Hotline Services- 813-234-1234
Or call ParentLink (recorded messages about parenting issues)- 813-272-7368

Alcoholics Anonymous
call 813-933-9123.

Narcotics Anonymous
call 813-879-4357

Footprints Beachside Recovery Call: 727.954.3908

DACCO Treatment Agency
call 813-984-1818

ACTS Treatment Agency
call 813-246-4899

PAR Treatment Agency

Phoenix House Florida

Goodwill Industries- Suncoast

DUI Counterattack, Hillsborough, Inc

Tampa Crossroads, Inc

Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

Tampa Police Department

Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco

Zero Exposure Project

Hillsborough County MADD Volunteer Council -

813) 273-6233


Safe Teen Driver

Hillsborough County Anti Drug Alliance

DUI Awareness Initiative

Addiction Center

Links for Resources:

NIAAA- National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Leadership to Keep Children Alcohol Free

Florida Alcohol and Drug Abuse Association

Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Underage Drinking Enforcement Training Center

FACE - Truth and Clarity on Alcohol

Alcohol Policy Links

Florida Coalition for Alcohol Policy

Florida Online Sunshine- Florida Legislature site.

The Florida Senate

Florida House of Representatives

City of Tampa, City Council

Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners

FADAA Advocacy and Public Policy


CADCA Legislative Action Center

MADD Activism page

Florida MADD State Office

Center for Science in the Public Interest Alcohol Policies Project

Alcohol Epidemiology Program (University of Minnesota)

APIS Alcohol Policy Information System (sponsored by NIAAA)

American Medical Association Alcohol Policy Solutions

Alcohol Justice

Alcohol Policy References

Alcohol Beverage Control Enforcement: Legal Research Report

Preventing Over-consumption of Alcohol NHTSA, 2005

Regulatory Strategies for Preventing Youth Access to Alcohol PIRE

Strategies to Reduce Underage Alcohol Use PIRE

NIAAA Call to Action: Changing the Culture of Drinking at US Colleges

Underage Drinking References

00Rethinking Underage Drinking by Aaron White, PhD

NIAAA Alcohol Alert: Underage Drinking January 2006

MADD Why 21?

Reducing Underage Drinking- A Collective Responsibility

Alcohol and the Teen Brain

Underage Drinking is a D.U.M.B. Decision

Young Brains on Alcohol

Adolescent Brain Development

Alcohol and Public Health References

Center for Disease Control- Alcohol and Public Health

Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System- Health Surveys

CDC Alcohol Related Injuries Screening

10th Special Report to Congress on Alcohol and Health

Center of Alcohol Studies- Alcohol Research

Prom, Graduation, and Holiday Safety Awareness:

Think About It... Prom and Graduation Season

Celebrate Safe Newsletter
Tips for parents to help make celebrations and holidays safer for teens

Safe Party and Holiday Resources

SAMHSA Party Planning Tips

MADD Safe Party Guide

Recipes for the Road 2013- CTST non alcoholic drinks for celebrations